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NBA Guard George Hill Takes a Bear and Pronghorn

George Hill

George Hill is a hunter and he's not afraid to show it. 

If by any chance you follow George Hill on Instagram, you probably know he loves the outdoors. You also probably know he has his fair share of anti-hunters that bash and attack him because of his developing passion to hunt. Incredibly, Hill never backs down. He takes his hits and punches and replies with facts and information hard for most anti-hunters to handle.

Just check out the latest video featuring George Hill from SilencerCo. If you're like me, you're going to walk away from this video with a little more appreciation for George Hill the man, than George Hill the ball player.

"I've lost a lot of fans due to the hunting stuff." Hill said in the video. "As long as I know that I serve God, and I do the right things in life, at the end of the day if you are my true fan and really care about me, then you accept me for who I am." 

It's admirable hearing Hill admit he still has so much to learn about hunting. Being able to witness somebody be that humble after making a career as an NBA celebrity is pretty cool.

Good luck on your future hunts George! You've earned a few more fans with us.


NBA Guard George Hill Takes a Bear and Pronghorn