venison mac and cheese

Venison Mac and Cheese, Cajun-Style

Don't worry, there will be enough venison mac and cheese for everyone. 

If there is one meal that reminds us all of our childhood, it has to be mac and cheese. Fast forward a few years and add in a few extra hobbies, then perhaps venison mac and cheese has taken its place. If your house is anything like ours, then it was an easy transition. If you haven't made the jump yet yourself, here's a very quick and easy recipe to get the job done for you in no time.

Now in our case, we often just use ground, but cutting up some steaks or tenderloins would really set off a great meal.

There are a lot of fairly famous steakhouses out there that have recipes similar to this. However, thankfully for us outdoorsmen, we can spice it up with the great flavors of venison. That's something you'll probably only find in your own kitchen. Well, the steakhouse in this video might be an exception.

Goodness, it's great being a hunter.