Spawning king salmon

Yes, Spawning King Salmon Do Eat Streamers

And they all say spawning king salmon don't eat. 

If you've ever fished the Great Lakes salmon run, you'll quickly hear fishermen talking about how spawning salmon just don't eat. Well, scientifically, they're right. When king salmon leave lakes to spawn, their stomachs shrink and their whole purpose at that point is to spawn and die. However, some fishermen have figured out how to get reaction strikes out of spawning king salmon. With that in mind, yes, you can get one of these giant fish to eat even when they don't want to.

Just check out this video and see how effective swinging a streamer through spawning king salmon areas can be.

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Earlier this year, I made a trip up to Northern Michigan chasing kings after talking with Chad Betts from Betts Guide Service. He provided a few techniques that also get spawning king salmon to eat, but I didn't swing any streamers. Normally, early in the season, kings eat Thundersticks and other minnow-style lures. When the season drags on, though, getting these monsters to eat starts to become challenging.

Watching stuff like this gets me excited for next year!