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New IGFA World Record Bass in the Women's Division: Exclusive Interview with the Angler

Not only is this a new line class record, it's also the biggest ever recorded largemouth in the entire women's division! 

Capt. Alissa Vinoski is no stranger to catching big fish. As a matter of fact, her now certified IGFA world record bass for 12 pound tippet isn't even her first world record.

Five more times she has caught a fish that's been etched in the record books, with another on the way that has yet to be submitted.

She has accomplished these feats with rainbow trout and spotted bass records. However, it's this most recent fish that she might be most proud of.

"It's cool for me as a sight fisherman to target a specific fish," Vinoski said in an interview with Wide Open Spaces. "If I could set a record on a fish that is doable, for me, what would it be? It would have to be a largemouth bass."

Vinoski's fish weighed in at 10 pounds, eight ounces. With this fish, she crushed the 12-pound tippet category for the line class. Coincidentally, it's also the largest bass ever recorded by any female in all categories.

Alissa Vinoski

Image via Capt. Alissa Vinoski

"This bass is something I'm very proud of," she said. "I know it's something I may never do again."

As a guide down in the Tampa, Florida area, Vinoski has her eyes set on another world record that she hopes to break rather soon. If you check out her Instagram page, you can follow along on this journey.

"A 20 pound tippet tarpon is only 99 pounds," she explained. "The only way I'm going to attempt it though, is if I can release it alive."

Congrats, Alissa! That is one incredible fish!