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Video: Bull Moose and Cow Star in Stunning Sunset Footage

bull moose

In terms of film footage, this is the moose money shot right here.

I've viewed plenty of moose footage over the years. in fact, I've even filmed some myself.

Nothing has ever compared to this stunning, dramatic clip that comes to us from northern Utah.

'Moosedog' captures the most incredible footage of moose, all of which he posts on his YouTube channel.

I'll admit, I look for his clips first when I sign on each day. With a culmination of close-ups, various behaviors and stunning backdrops to boot, this filmmaker manages to put together top-notch videos worth more than a view.

His latest, which he uploaded Oct. 16, highlights the courtship behavior between a big bull moose and a cow during the rut. He expertly filmed it in silhouette against the stunning backdrop of a setting sun.

Here's the video:

What a beautiful clip! This is a money shot for sure and an incredible capture to be more than proud of.

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Video: Bull Moose and Cow Star in Stunning Sunset Footage