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Texas Boy Scout Makes 55 Beds for Local Animal Shelter

Rescue animals at a local shelter are lounging comfortably thanks to a hardworking Boy Scout.

James, a member of Boy Scout Troop 678, has big plans for his future. He's working toward becoming an Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouting program. To reach his goal, he's been working hard at school, in scouts, and making a positive difference in his community.

One of the major requirements needed to earn the Eagle Scout designation is an extensive service project. Each Scout must come up with an idea, plan it out, lead a team of helpers, and complete the project with the highest standards. As an animal lover, James chose to work with the Galveston Island Humane Society.

He wanted to bring about real change to the shelter and help the rescue animals in a tangible way. Living in a kennel is stressful and uncomfortable for many of the animals that find themselves without a home, and James knew he could help. He decided to dedicate his service project to helping those in need, and he committed to making handmade dog beds for the entire shelter.


After long hours of work, James delivered 55 dog beds to the animals on Wednesday. The shelter posted to Facebook expressing their gratitude, and by the wagging tails in each kennel, it looks like the dogs are especially appreciative.

Shelters like Galveston Island Humane Society rely on the community and volunteers to keep them running, and James has showcased all the good that can happen when someone is committed to making a difference. He's a step closer to receiving the prestigious medal and badge of an Eagle Scout, and the dogs he helped can sleep soundly tonight.

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