German Model Gets Tattoo with Ink Made out of Cat Hair

A model in Germany is a new advocate for the special ink. 

Kathrin Toelle, whose model name is Makani Terror, is making headlines since she got a tattoo made with her cat hair. Skin46 is a tattoo startup in Switzerland that specializes in creating a medically clean, organic carbon tattoo ink that is then sent to your tattoo artist for them to use. They are calling the process LOVE INK.

The ink costs about $700 using five grams of hair, but can be used for as many as 30 small tattoos or 10 large ones. 

tattoo ink

The company's founder Andreas Wample wants to give clients a more meaningful way of memorializing a family member, loved one, or a pet. He himself has tattoos made from his son and his daughter's hair. Wample said in a press release:

"The idea of SKIN46 tattoo ink starts some seriously spirited conversations. Some think it's offensive, while a huge amount of tattoo lovers thinks it's an amazing concept...Tattooing needs this kind of fresh spirit." 


Model Makani Terror wanted to be forever connected with her cats and thinks the business is a great idea. 

She told The Sun Online:

"I love my own pets like they were my own children. They are the most important family members in my life and I will miss them more than anything else when they would pass away. A tattoo artist friend told me about the Skin46 ink and I thought 'I need to do this'."

The 38-year-old model got a new tattoo (to go with the rest of her body art) of her 10-year-old Maine Coon cat Gizmo, whose cat fur was used to make the ink. The beautiful artwork was created by tattoo artist Roman Abrego at Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa, California.

The model also has two other cats, a brother and a sister, and hopes to get their own inked tributes soon. She knows that the process sounds odd at first but she thinks the tattoo is just more personal.

"At first, it sounds weird but after all explanations I was just in love with this idea to be connected to my cats forever."

Would you get a tattoo made with hair? What do you think of this new trend? Tell us in the comments below. 

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