10 Cat Tattoos That Prove You're the Hippest Cat Lady

Tattoos are a creative expression of the things we hold closest to us.

For some of us, that is a meaningful quote or symbol, for others- it's cats. Each one of us has a crazy cat lady hidden (or not so hidden) somewhere inside. Why not pay tribute with a feline-inspired tattoo?

For some cat lovers, simply owning a cat isn't enough. A small tattoo will allow any cat to feel like they own you a little bit more than they already do.

Here are the best 10 cat tattoo ideas for any cat lover!

For the Artsy Cat Lover

A beautiful watercolor cat piece to idolize your favorite feline.

The Perfect Way to Memorialize a Pet

An intricate way to keep your pet close to you always.

For the Humorous Cat Lover

A silly little cartoon to keep your inner cat lover laughing. A simple cat tattoo can sometimes be the most powerful.

For the Demure Cat Lover

When your inner cat lady wants to pay tribute in a subtle way with some paw prints.

For the Elegant Cat Lover

A silhouette with classy flowers to go with any outfit.

An Out-of-This-World Tribute

A stellar way to represent the special feline in your life.

A Perfect Resemblance

Another cute tattoo to pay tribute to your furry feline friend. (A reminder of the royalty they are.)

A Whimsical Tattoo

A dreamy caricature of a cat perched on the moon. For the dreamy cat lover in all of us.

A Simple Portrait

A lovely way to pay tribute to a favorite kitty, either in color or black and white.


For those that might be looking for a simple way to pay tribute, a cute cat outline is the perfect choice-simple, clean, and subtle.

There are endless cat tattoo designs options keep your feline companion close! Some other good ideas for tattoo enthusiasts include the Cheshire cat tattoo if you're a Disney or Wonderland fan, a black cat if you want to prove they're not all bad luck, or an ancient Egypt minimalist cat tattoo to prove your love of classic cat tattoos.

Finally, it is important to find a reputable tattoo artist to truly translate your love for cats.

I have three tattoos of my dogs! I think having tattoos of your best friend is the best way to celebrate their life. Some of these that we highlighted are cat designs, a geometric cat, sleeping cats, realistic cat images, and a cat portrait. All of these cute cat tattoos are wonderful examples to inspire you!

Are you hoping to get your first tattoo? We hope these ideas helped!

Do you have a cat tattoo? Show us in the comments below!

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