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Sunday Gunday: Top 5 Obsolete Cartridges That Should Still Be Popular Today

Firearm calibers come and go over time.

Because of this, many great cartridges have been left behind.

These five obsolete cartridges were buried before their time was up.

1. The .22 Winchester Rimfire

This great little cartridge falls between the standard .22 Long Rifle cartridge and the hotter .22 Winchester Magnum cartridge. It's ideal for a small-game cartridge, as it has plenty of knockdown power, but causes only minimal meat damage. Cartridges are made from time to time for this lost little rimfire caliber that's otherwise completely obsolete.

2. The .405 Winchester

When large, dangerous game was expected, the .405 Winchester had the power. It still does for those who reload, or when manufacturers make custom loadings for this old beast.

3. Winchester .25-20 Cartridge

The .25-20 Winchester was a middle-of-the-road cartridge. While a bit light for deer, it was a great varmint cartridge at close range. It packed more knockdown punch than the rimfire calibers, which made trappers, hunters and ranchers fall in love with it.

4. The .32 Extra Long Rimfire Cartridge

Rimfire cartridges came in calibers much larger than a .22 back in the day. Tip-up pistols, pocket rifles and other firearms used the .32 Rimfire caliber for hard-hitting action on close-range targets. Good luck finding a decent supply you can afford, though.

5. The .22 Hornet Cartridge

Shooters and manufacturers alike have made efforts to keep this awesome little cartridge alive with such weapons as the Taurus Raging Hornet Revolver. It really excels as a walking varmint rifle. Usually in a rifle configuration, it's small and lightweight, with high accuracy, low recoil and lower noise. When the .22 Magnum is too light, the .22 Hornet steps in for added range. While still being made in small numbers, this little gem is holding on for dear life.

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