discontinued .22 rifles

Sunday Gunday: 6 Discontinued .22 Rifles That Should Still Be Made

Many fine .22-caliber rifles are no longer made.

The only way you can get one of these great little shooters these days is by getting lucky enough to find one used.

We wish these six discontinued .22 rifles were still being made today.

1. Springfield Armory M6 Survival Gun

Originally designed as a takedown survival weapon for downed pilots, the Springfield Armory M6 had a barrel chambered in .22 LR or .22 Hornet up top and a .410-bore shotgun barrel underneath. Shooters could quickly choose either barrel for any game they found. The strange trigger bar is useful when using winter gloves or mittens, and you can also house spare ammunition in the stock itself when you raise the the hinged cheek rest.

2. Savage Model 24 Combination Gun

The Savage 24 came in many calibers and shotgun choices as well. Above is the highly desirable Model 24C (Camper) with a .22 LR barrel over a 20-gauge barrel. That handy takedown weapon packs a good punch, too. This buttstock also has a compartment for storing ammunition.

3. Remington Model 550-1 Rifle

This is an autoloading rifle that will fire .22 Short, Long and Long Rifle cartridges interchangeably. Thanks to an ingenious floating chamber, the Remington 550-1 rifle is an incredibly versatile rifle. Back when .22 Shorts were cheaper, this little rifle reigned supreme.

4. Winchester Model 62 Pump-Action Rifle

The Model 62 will also shoot .22 Shorts, Longs or Long Rifle cartridges. While some makers like Rossi have imported modern versions of this old classic, they too are no longer imported. That's a shame, too, because this is one slick little .22 pump-action rifle.

5. Savage Model 4C Bolt-Action Rifle

I'm definitely a little biased when it comes to this next rifle, as it was my first .22. Belonging to my grandfather, it shot rats at the local dump. In my hands, it's become one of the best plinking/small-game rifles I've ever fired. These rifles, though built back then as economy models, are absolute tanks that still maintain great elegance. Firing from a 5- or 10-round detachable magazine, this rifle will fire .22 Shorts, Longs and Long Rifle cartridges with no problem. What's not to love?

6. Stevens Pocket Rifle

The J. Stevens Pocket Rifle, also known as the "bicycle gun," was a single-shot pistol you loaded by tipping the barrel down. Shooters could attach a metal skeleton stock for steadier shooting. It was available in .22 LR, along with other various, now-obsolete calibers like .25 and .32 Stevens.