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The Classic Stevens Model 35 Pistol

The Stevens Model 35 pistol was a gun made for shooting back in the early part of the 1900s, and continues to defy its age.

This single shot pistol in rimfire calibers and the more rare .410 shotgun cartridge were the favorite of sportsman and target shooters of yesteryear.


Chambered in a variety of now obsolete rimfire calibers and also the .22 long rifle cartridge, the Stevens Model 35 occasionally shows up on online auctions and at gun shows. The amazingly strong pistol is a single shot tip down barrel to load model.

Cocking the hammer back puts it ready to fire; there's no need for bulky safeties on this gem. While actual manufacturing dates are quite murky on these models, many are pushing near a century of service as small game getters and target shooters, especially in the still manufactured .22 long rifle caliber.


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Some Steven Model 35s came with a detachable shoulder stock and termed as "bicycle guns" because they were light and handy and perfect for bringing along on your country bicycle trip for small game and plinking. Unfortunately with current laws these are considered as "short barreled rifles" and are registered and taxed accordingly if the stock is on the pistol.

Another fun but now banned Model 35 is the "Autoshot" .410 chamber pistol. It was chambered in the 2.5 inch .410 shotgun shell and was mainly used for small game until laws changed, turning it into a registered weapon.

There is a collector following of the Stevens model 35, and they are quite popular. When shooting the .22 long rifle cartridge models with Aguilla Colibri rounds, they are quiet as BB guns and great for backyard or basement target practice with a good back stop.

Next time you see one at a gun show, check them out. They come in many calibers, barrel lengths, variations and flavors; there's something for everybody in the Model 35 from Stevens.

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The Classic Stevens Model 35 Pistol