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The Springfield Armory M6 is the Ultimate Combo Gun [PICS]

The Springfield Armory M6 combination rifle and shotgun is perfect for survival.

This packable, portable, powerful gun is just the thing for backcountry trips, wilderness survival, and even an apocalyptic meltdown.

Here are the reasons why.



Available in the original matte parkerized finish, along with stainless steel and even a camouflaged model, the Springfield Armory M6 is patterned after the M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon for pilots downed over dangerous territory.

This tough but small-packing takedown gun is available either in .22 Long Rifle over a .410 three-inch magnum shotgun bore, or the .22 Hornet over .410 three-inch shotgun bore. With one hinge pin removed, the gun breaks down into two easily-packed pieces.



This amazing little weapon packs small in a pouch, and can be scoped or red dot sighted for better targeting.

Survival Gear Guide


The stock has a trap door and the cheek piece raises to access an internal compartment with individual ammunition holes, so you will never forget your ammo. They thought of everything...

The large trigger guard and trigger bar are for using the gun while wearing gloves.

Pretty? Maybe not, but full utilitarian when you need it most!



The gun has sadly been discontinued by Springfield Armory, but still can be found at gun shops, gun shows and online gun auctions.

Keep your eyes open and grab one of these great little survival weapons if you come across one.

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The Springfield Armory M6 is the Ultimate Combo Gun [PICS]