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Everything You Want To Know About the Savage 24 Combination Rifle and Shotgun

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Ever go out in the wilds with a rifle, and instead need a shotgun? Or the other way around? You most likely needed the Savage 24.

With the Savage 24 combination rifle and shotgun, you always have the right gun at the right time!

The Savage model 24 began as utilitarian guns that would do double duty on farms and in the woods, where game and pests of different sorts would show up and the right gun was important to have.

The Savage 24 is actually a single shot rifle barrel sitting on top of a single shot shotgun barrel. A selector switch allows you to quickly choose the barrel of choice. In the older Savage 24 models, no manual safety was made on the gun, since cocking the hammer back before each shot was a form of safety anyway.

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These beauties have been made in many different rifle and pistol calibers in the upper rifle barrel over a 20 gauge or .410 bore lower shotgun barrel. The older models such as the Savage 24C DL (Deluxe) are a small work of art, with animal scenes etched in the frames, quality hardwood stocks, and even gold-plated triggers!

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There was even a smaller backpacking model. This one is a harder to find collectible.

Later models of the Savage 24 offered synthetic stocks and larger gauges and caliber combinations. These included the .223 Remington over 12 gauge or 30/30 Winchester over 12 gauge. The models do have a cross bolt safety and weigh a good pound over the previous models, much to the chagrin of many Savage 24 collectors and hunters.

The Savage 24 line has been discontinued but used models may be found at gun shows, gun shops and on online auction sites. Currently Savage makes a more modern version called the Savage 42, chambered in .22 long rifle or .22 WMR over a .410 bore shotgun barrel, and it has had mixed reviews.

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Check out the Savage 24 combination rifle and shotgun when you see one. It is truly a unique and useful gun!

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Everything You Want To Know About the Savage 24 Combination Rifle and Shotgun