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Wild Boar Hunting with the .22 Hornet [VIDEO]

Wild boar hunting

Think your grandfather’s .22 Hornet rifle is outdated and underpowered? Let’s see how it fares at wild boar hunting.

Watch this video and you might just change your mind about the .22 Hornet.

This wild hog goes down quickly with an expert headshot.

The .22 Hornet cartridge has been around since the 1930s as a production caliber. Others have since surpassed this old timer, but it still has plenty of bite left in those old bones.

Next time you see that lonely .22 Hornet rifle at a gun show, you might want to take a look. The old standby is far from obsolete.

Just ask this barbecue pork sandwich… I mean, wild boar!

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Wild Boar Hunting with the .22 Hornet [VIDEO]