.22 long rifle cartridge

Sunday Gunday: 7 Reasons Why We Love the .22 Long Rifle Cartridge

What is there not to love about the .22 long rifle cartridge?

This handy cartridge has many merits that just can't be overlooked.

We love the .22 long rifle cartridge, and here is why.

1. Hunting small game

The .22 long rifle cartridge is the Goldilocks of small game cartridges. The loads generally do not tear up edible meat, but still put down critters with enough authority.

2. Protect your livestock or crops from pests

More pests drop across the country every year by shooters armed with a .22 caliber rifle or pistol than any other. When the chickens are squawking because the predators are eating their eggs, grab that .22 rifle on the way out the door. It's judgement day.

3. Low noise and recoil make this cartridge a plinking delight

Many of us spend hours brushing up on shooting skills with the .22 long rifle cartridge. When shot (especially from a rifle length barrel), noise is less than most other calibers. Tin cans and other impromptu targets are a great way to burn up those bulk pack ammo boxes.

4. Teach a kid to shoot

Many of us used a .22 caliber rifle to fire our first gun. Trained by adults who knew their stuff, we became keen-eyed shooters because of the easy to shoot cartridge.

5. Cost of .22 long rifle ammunition still is cheaper than others

For most shooters, the .22 long rifle cartridge is the cheapest way to shoot. They're often available in bulk, too.

6. Wide variety of different types of .22 long rifle ammunition

For most .22 long rifle caliber firearms, .22 shorts and .22 longs can be used (if allowed by the manufacturer). This allows really quiet shooting with CCI CB's and hot fast cartridges like the CCI Velocitors. Choose your flavor for your task.

7. There's history in the great .22 long rifle cartridge

When J. Stevens Arms & Tool Company debuted the cartridge way back in 1887, they were ahead of the times. What other cartridge is so widely used of that age than the .22 rimfire cartridge? That certainly is a testament to just how useful and popular the .22 long rifle cartridge has been.

Long live the incredible .22 long rifle cartridge!

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