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Testing out the Incredible CCI Quiet .22 Ammunition [VIDEO]

CCI's Quiet .22 Ammunition is a product with great potential.

With housing developments closing in on our hunting lands and pest animals taking over, CCI has taken notice. Their Quiet .22 ammunition is just what you need.

Watch the ballistics gelatin testing of these interesting .22 bullets.

With a muzzle velocity of 710 fps, the Quiet .22 ammunition will not break any speed records. It also does not have a muzzle crack, like regular .22 ammo does.

When fired from a rifle-length barrel the report is like that of an average pellet gun. The impact is something else.

In a ballistics gelatin block the full depth of the 40 grain .22 bullet from a Ruger 10/22 rifle can be seen from the lead solid bullet offering. The segmented bullet offering comes apart in pieces and is extraordinary. Pest species will be stopped cold with this kind of performance yet you will not wake up the neighbors.

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Testing out the Incredible CCI Quiet .22 Ammunition [VIDEO]