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In Praise of America’s Plinking Pastime [VIDEO]

Plinking is a favorite American pastime. 

Plinking, or informal target shooting, sharpens skills and is a great stress reliever.

King of the plinking calibers is the .22 long rifle cartridge.

I admit, I am a fan of plinking. It might even be considered an addiction. This informal shooting is just packed with fun.

Punching tiny, tight holes in paper is great for sighting-in that bean field shooting rifle. When it comes to variety, plinking is the way to go.

Whether on a gun range or in a safe spot back in the mountains with a safe backstop, there is nothing like plinking.

Any safe target can be used for practice. Old apples, Saltine crackers, aluminum cans, golf balls, and soda bottles are all top targets. The .22 rifle or pistol is perfect for this application.

Make sure to completely clean up the range when you are done.

Do you want to get out there and plink now?

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In Praise of America’s Plinking Pastime [VIDEO]