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The True Story of Hunting and Conservation in North America

As hunters and anglers, we gladly bear a heavy burden to protect the great outdoors.

With taxes and licenses, our hard-earned money is the key to conservation.

Watch the video below to get the true story of hunting and conservation that anti-hunters don't want to hear.

Why A Decline In Hunters Could Be Bad News For Nature Lovers

In 1903, a gun-loving president went on a camping trip with a famous tree hugger. The president (Teddy Roosevelt) went on to champion a new system of conservation—one in which America's wilderness depends, in part, on revenue from hunting and gun sales. Decades later, that system is starting to break down.

Posted by Skunk Bear on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

So, who has the biggest impact on conservation in North America? The answer is hunters.

Contrary to what anti-hunters would want anyone to believe, hunters pay for restoration, conservation and reintroduction of species that were once extirpated from regions. No conservation group can boast what hunters have done through taxes and licenses.

This video, which Skunk Bear shared on Facebook, just reinforces the notion that getting the next generation interested in the great outdoors is a top priority.

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The True Story of Hunting and Conservation in North America