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In Praise Of Hunters, The Original Conservationists

We as hunters are a very misunderstood group of true conservationists that have gone far and above other groups in good actions to save our natural resources.

Before there was a sign waving environmental front calling for environmental protection in the 1970s, there were hunters, fisherman, trappers and campers that led the way to protect our wild America.

Setting the example

Our 26th president Theodore Roosevelt was a great outdoorsman of the time, and he delighted in hunting many game species across the United States and overseas. He was a highly intelligent man, who was disgusted with the blatant destruction of our natural resources.

He became a powerful conservationist who protected vast wild areas with his institution of protected lands and laws.

theodore roosevelt

In 1937, the Pittman Robertson Act, a 10 percent tax on guns, ammunition and sporting goods, was earmarked for wildlife habitat restoration.

Ever since, hunters and fisherman alike have paid the price to keep our wild areas in tip top condition.

The old saying “money talks” comes into play here. We are conservationists who pay to play in the great outdoors and are quite happy to do so.

Nature’s eyes and ears

Who are the eyes and ears of the wilderness? Outdoorsmen and women who frequent the deep woods and waterways that seldom get patrolled by law enforcement.

We report dumping activities, wetland destruction, and any other type of illegal activity in the blind spot of many law enforcement agencies and we do it for free.


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How is that for community activism? The so-called “antis” might not understand our point of view from their city apartments and tiny manicured backyards, but we are the true conservationists, not blood thirsty killers like we’re often made out to be.

Next time you see a sportsman or sportswoman, thank them for protecting our natural resources and helping to keep the balance of the natural world through knowledge, science and good morals.

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In Praise Of Hunters, The Original Conservationists