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Shelter Overflowing Has No Space Left: Fosters Needed

There is an urgent need for fosters for these dogs in Atlanta. The Facebook post below states that 934 animals entered Fulton County Animal Services last month, compared to 794 animals who entered their shelter the same time last year. If you live in the Atlanta region and can adopt or foster these sweet animals, please contact them!

Kennels are holding up to five or six dogs each! See below! 

The Dodo reports the needs and statistics are scary. Karen Hirsch, public relations director for LifeLine Animal Project, which managers the Fulton and DeKalb County Animal Services, told The Dodo there is a huge need for the community to help the animals this summer.

"Last July, we took in 1,500 total animals at the shelters which is already a high number. This July 2019, we took in a total of 1,804 at both shelters, so we are up 304 animals which puts a tremendous strain on the shelters."

If you can foster you can sign up at LifeLineAnimal.org/foster.

Five dogs to a kennel are five too many.

These shelters are stressful for these dogs.

Would you be interested in fostering a pet? The first step is to contact a local animal shelter to find out about what they're looking for in foster homes. Different shelters have different guidelines and requirements for a foster home. Generally, some previous pet care experience and a safe home environment are a must. Shelters may also want you to have a fenced yard if fostering a dog, or a separate room for a mother and her kittens to stay in while the kittens are young.

The shelter will be waiving adoption fees for a week in August during a Clear the Shelters event. Can you adopt? If you live out of state, you can donate as they have a wishlist of items. 

Talk to your local animal rescue if you don't live in this region about fostering an animal as this is certainly not the only shelter overflowing with dogs! Your humane society can point you in the right direction of cats and dogs to bring into your home. The shelter dogs here and everywhere need your help! It isn't just pit bulls that need a new home. There are so many stray dogs and homeless animals that are bully breeds looking for homes on social media.

Donations are also wonderful as they need help with medical care if you cannot bring a home a dog! Calling all pet owners! How can you help?!

How can you help this shelter? Please leave a comment below. 

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