29 Cats Mauled by Dogs at Dothan Animal Shelter

These poor animals. What a horrible fate for these felines and we hope this shelter gets some much-needed attention now so updates are made. These dogs were clearly set up to fail and the news outlets report that the shelter is very outdated and needs a total makeover so these things don't happen moving forward. Let's all share this story so the community has some outside support and funds are raised to make some immediate improvements.

Let's unpack this for readers.

WTVY News out of Alabama reported that workers at the Dothan Animal Shelter were startled when they arrived at work and found 29 dead cats, attacked by pit bulls also housed at the shelter.

"Those dogs forced their way out of a pen. Then, they pushed hard enough on galvanized bars to knock (the bars) out of their clamps," said Shelter Director Bill Banks. "That allowed them to push back enough on the chain-link type fencing to get inside and maul the cats."

The city commissioner blames an outdated shelter that is in need of improvements.

There are discussions about a new shelter. In the WTVY News interview, the mayor says the hope is to form a public-private partnership to pay for the multi-million dollar facility. Not only must financing be secured, but land is also needed. Three to five acres would be ideal. 

Staff and volunteers are clearly traumatized. Hopefully, the capital improvement priority will come to fruition and local business owners will greenlight a new animal shelter. The staff at shelters work so hard to prevent things like this from happening but it makes it harder when the shelter doesn't have enough in place to keep the animals safe from each other.

Let's rally together so a mauling like this doesn't happen again. Clearly, Mayor Mark Saliba and city commissioner, Beth Kenward want this to be a nice shelter! This was one the top articles we saw in our feed so wanted to make sure you all saw in case you want to post or write to the shelter about the incident and maybe find out how you can help. Humane societies and shelters need our help! It takes a village. We don't want to write any more stories like these about cats getting mauled. We're so sorry this happened to an Alabama animal shelter and send our condolences.

What a terrible fate for these cats, please let us know your thoughts about this post. Leave a comment below with your story. 

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