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Shelter Dog Gives Birth to 20 Puppies in Emergency C-Section

"We do things BIG IN TEXAS" is my fave line in the Facebook post. 20 puppies are so many and this sweet dog endured a c-section on top of all of this. What a story, right? Here's what we learned from news sources out of Texas and volunteer Lynn Harty with Because4Paws.

One of Smith County Animal Control's rescues, Luna, found on a county road "accomplished a huge task" by carrying 20 puppies in her 72-pound body.

The statement on Lynn Harty's Facebook page attached below says, "18 babies survived with all hands on deck at Kingdom Vet Clinic and Dr. Roy Wilmeth and staff helped her deliver this family after hours with their entire staff of professionals. They all were guessing how many puppies she would have. Of course, no one could have anticipated 20 PUPPIES!"

Anyone willing to donate can send money to the following PayPal account: [email protected]. More below on how you can help.

Luna's operation was pricey so they need donations!

This news is also in the Facebook post. All these puppies are now tagged for rescue with Because4Paws and they're looking for foster placement for 8 weeks until they are old enough for transport. Can you help?

Donations for Luna and her puppies may be made to the following:

1) Kingdom Vet Clinic in Tyler, TX Attn: Lisa Wilmeth
2) Because4Paws.org
3) Lynn Harty c/o Because4Paws 619 Joel Drive Tyler, TX 75703
4) cash app link https://cash.me/app/TRCFRTH

Can you believe this brave muchkin? Congrats Luna!

This shelter dog received emergency c-section and now mama and soon her puppies will be in foster care. This wonderful organization Beacuse4Paws is moving mountains to make sure all these logistics are coordinated and go smoothly. Given the high expense of the operation, donations are super important.

These newborn puppies will need homes! Keep your eyes open as news stories will update you all. Thanks to the Kingman Animal Hospital for helping Luna with her cesarean section. The cost of the surgery will hopefully be covered by donations as Luna has many angels looking after her. The arrival of her puppies is very exciting. We're looking to see whether this is a Guinness Book of World Records.

Luna is a heeler/lab mix and those puppies are so cute! We can't wait to see pictures from the animal rescue group!

20 puppies are amazing, please leave a comment below. 

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