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Scrappy Doe Chases Fox Around Shed 10 Times

This fox just gave a young doe a run for her money, and then kept right on going. 

It's the age old question: do animals play with each other for fun? Or do they just seem like it?

When a doe chases a fox around in circles, what does it mean? We've seen proof that a fox has tried to eat a fawn, therefore they should be mortal enemies, right?

We have so many questions.

I've seen deer chase each other around my yard, rear up in mock battle, and then walk up and start to lick each other. It seems as though a deer chasing a fox would be a sign of hostility. Was the fox just looking for a place to hunt when it got chased away by the doe, or was it something else altogether?

Whether it be about territory, food, or just plain survival, you can read the body language that these two have. It's just that what they have looks like so much fun!

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

We've seen a moose chase a bear, a grizzly chase a deer, a turkey chase a mailman, and a naked lady chase a fox, so what does it mean when a deer chases a fox?

As we said, the body language seems to dictate that, even if the deer was in hot pursuit of that fox because it wanted to kill it, the little red fox didn't seem too worried about it.

Maybe it was because it knew the deer could never catch it? One interesting point could be made for the fact that the doe had her flag up the entire time, but that could just be a standard response to its excitement.

Why do you think that the deer was chasing the fox?

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