Deer and Dog
Screenshot via:Rumble

Wild Deer and Domesticated Dog Find Time to Play

This happy dog just wants to play with the deer.

Most people think of deer and dogs as being natural enemies. Maybe you have seen domesticated dogs chasing deer before like I have. In most cases, deer tend to be quite wary of canines. Probably because they remind them of natural predators like wolves or coyotes.

However, this video shows something that bucks that trend. Taken in Crivitz, Wisconsin these urban deer invading a yard in an urban area encounter Cooper, an Australian cattle dog puppy owned by Kathy Olson.

Amazingly, the deer do not run from this rambunctious puppy that only seems to want to play with the deer.

If you are not familiar with the breed, the Australian cattle dog is bred to be a working dog. More specifically, they are herding animals. It almost appears as if Cooper's natural herding instincts were kicking in a bit here. These deer were not cows, but they will likely be the closest to them that he will encounter!

Although it could also be that he just wants to play. Some of his movements seem consistent with a dog wanting to play with another dog. Whatever the case may be, it does not look like the deer were as interested in playing as Cooper was.

At the same time, we are surprised by the reactions of the deer here. While they were cautious, they also did not seem to perceive the dog as a threat. Of course, as city-dwelling deer, they may be more comfortable with humans and their animals than a deer in a more remote setting might be.

In any case, we enjoyed this humorous video. It is just the sort of levity we needed lately in the face of current events. Let's all try to be as joyful as Cooper more often!

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