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Collared Cow Moose Owns Brown Bear Chasing Her Calf

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Watch one brown bear that chose the wrong calf to pick on, and you'll see why even a collared cow moose is dangerous.

Go to the stunning state of Alaska, and you'll likely see Alaska things. In this case, a man named Matthew Cahill videoed a collared cow moose running by with her calf from the safety of his home when it became immediately apparent why they were running.

The big cow can be seen wearing some kind of collar--probably some kind of tracking device--when it trots by with her calf. Almost immediately, the camera pans back to the open meadow where the two moose came from, and a nice-size bear can be seen in hot pursuit.

Only the bear didn't know what it was getting in to! As the action heats up, it's apparent that the bear has realized its mistake and starts to high-tail it out of there. You'll have to watch and see what's faster: a scared brown bear or an angry cow moose.

Watch the video below:

Don't mess with mama moose!

AMAZING Mama Moose chases bear in Alaska!Incredible footage from Matthew Cahill from his lounge room window and kindly made it public for all the world to enjoy! This one is via I Love Alaska (best wildlife page going!).

Posted by Miss Snow It All on Friday, June 14, 2019

In the scheme of things, that bear seems to have received its comeuppance, but in nature, all it takes is the wrong move and that bear would have gotten what it wanted.

In this case moose 1, bear 0. If it was a grizzly bear, the cow may have been a goner.

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Collared Cow Moose Owns Brown Bear Chasing Her Calf