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Doomed Cow Moose Rescued by Canadian Good Samaritans

ICI Radio Canada

A moose that had fallen through the planks of an old bridge was rescued by a hunter on his way to tend his hare snares.

Phillipe Doucet had taken a different path than normal to tend to his hare sets and do some coyote hunting when he happened upon a cow moose that was stuck in an old bridge.

Due to the mild weather ,the small river he would normally walk across wasn’t frozen, causing him to take a route that is normally blocked by snow. It seems that the unlucky moose was thinking the same thing.

Doucet said in a translated statement: “I called the rangers and uncle and two of my friends. (We) were mounted in groups and rangers led power saws.”

The moose could be seen in a somewhat compromising position.


Underneath the cows legs could be seen dangling in a prone way. Doucet said that some of the group raised the legs from under the bridge while others lifted from above.


The happy group of hunters, outdoorsmen, and part of the Chaleur ATV Club can now call themselves the saviors of one cow moose.


Once the group got the animal on its side, it slowly came to life and began to regain her feet. Once she started to walk again Doucet declared, “It’s a chance, she had no broken legs!”

Members of the club then replaced the broken timbers and set planks along the bridge to prevent other wildlife from suffering the fate of one sore, but lucky cow moose.

All photos via ICI Radio Canada


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Doomed Cow Moose Rescued by Canadian Good Samaritans