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Fox Tries Its Best to Take Down a Backyard Fawn

So you thought that foxes were no threat to newborn fawns?

Here's a video submission that you just weren't ready for. The scene is a backyard said to be in the area of Imlay City, Michigan. The Tri-City Times posted a video to Facebook purportedly taken by a man named John Parsch.

In the video a fox can be plainly seen stalking and jumping a fawn trying to hide in some tall grass. Once the fox detects its prey, it latches on!

Right when you thought it was only coyotes that are so blatantly ruthless on the newborn deer population, some skunk-of-a-fox strolls in and proves us all wrong.

The ultimate outcome will have you breathing a sigh of relief, but it will bring along with it a few questions.

We all have to admit that we see videos and pictures of animal lovers that save the day and we love it! Enter one man who simply yelled out of the window and scared that rat with a red-coat away.

I'll bet that a coyote wouldn't have been so easily scared off, though.

The greater question was the sight of the mama doe coming back at the end. If she was that close, then why didn't she help when the chips were down? Maybe she was just clueless and her fawn got lucky!

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