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Cheer On These Deer as They Out-Swim a Flood

Here's another great example of deer swimming that shows just how strong they really are.

We've seen deer jump in the water, run through it, and swim against it, and it never stops being amazing. In this video a small group of deer seem to be up against the wall as they swim through some flood waters in South Dakota.

The river is terribly swelled and the deer seem to wash by in a heartbeat, but pictures can be deceiving. Watch as they reorient themselves and swim to the bank without a hitch.

We want nothing more than to see every single one of them get out of those flood waters and this bunch doesn't disappoint.

Here's just another reason why we love whitetail deer so much.

Deer must be strong swimmersPresho, SD

Posted by Lorlen Ryan Husman on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

It looks as if at least one of those deer was a small buck, making the video even more satisfying. Seeing them retreat over that fence reminds us again how strong they truly are!

It's a testament to nature that even when we have the desire to help, the animals of the world have already adapted the ways and means to take care of themselves.

Have you ever seen deer swimming like this?

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Cheer On These Deer as They Out-Swim a Flood