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Arizona Cowboys Help Officers Rescue Mule Deer Found Swimming in Canal

Cowboys assist officers in the rescue of a mule deer found swimming in a Peoria, Arizona canal.

The Arizona Fish and Game Department says three of its officers successfully rescued a mule deer from a canal near Lake Pleasant in Peoria, Arizona with the help of some cowboys.

After receiving three calls from concerned citizens, Officers Reuben Gonzales, David Mayer and Ryan Babel went to the scene. Upon their arrival, two cowboys already in the area joined in and helped pull the deer out using their lassos.

As the deer approached the bridge area, one cowboy already standing on the bridge dropped his lasso directly onto the deer's antlers to help rescue it out of the water.

Officer Gonzales said deer and similar wildlife are lured into the canal by the sight of water and then happen to slip into it.

Below is the full video on the story:

The deer apparently was distressed as the canal's water is very cold.

Before releasing the deer back to the wild, it stood under the sun for 20 minutes to warm up. It then frolicked back into the desert after realizing it's safe.

"We're very, very grateful for them," Gonzales said.

Can you imagine modern-day cowboys coming to the rescue of a deer today? It's not too common. In fact, it's quite serendipitous. Either way, it's a heartwarming story!

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Arizona Cowboys Help Officers Rescue Mule Deer Found Swimming in Canal