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Drone Propellers Destroy Hornet's Nest

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Watch all the action as a DJI Mavic Pro drone goes up against a hornet's nest with everything on the line.

If you want to save yourself some inherent risk, here's one way that you can take care of a hornet's nest.

Hornets, yellow jackets, and every other kind of wasp seem to have no use other than to sting, pester, and invade our territory. Now comes the drone of the moment and it's shredding blades to save the day.

In less than three minutes, a small, remotely operated drone can shred a hornet's nest, but you need a good handler to do it.

It's just that one bad move and it's curtains for your prized (and expensive) flying machine.

DJI Mavic Pro VS Honeycomb

DJI Mavic Pro VS Hornet's Nest. Video via @Will Gentile...Better always make sure to protect your drone with this before flying >>

Posted by DronesAreSuperb on Thursday, August 2, 2018

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It took him a while, but that nest was utterly gone in the end, it's just that he almost nipped the gutter and the siding more than once. We wonder if he eventually hit and just edited out the footage.

Most folks are aware that a cheap fake hornet's nest, or even a homemade paper mache nest, can dissuade the nasty little buggers from even taking up residence around your home in the first place.

But that's not nearly as much fun as this.

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Drone Propellers Destroy Hornet's Nest