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Guy Tries to Whack a Fish With a Loaded Firearm, Inevitably Shoots Himself

YouTube: Brazil Cringe Videos

Trying to smack a fish with a loaded firearm while the business end is pointed back at you isn't exactly brilliant.

This just in from the oblivious department: don't point any kind of gun at yourself or this might happen. It's a basic safe handling procedure!

This might be an air gun or a BB gun, but let's hope for this guy's sake, that's all it is. Because you're about to witness a ridiculous violation of every firearm safety rule in the book.

Responsible gun owners, prepare to cringe a bit. This video is one of the very reasons gun safety courses were even invented.

Yikes! Talk about violating every rule of safe gun handling! Normally when we see bad gun videos, it's smaller safety violations. You know, stuff a failure to wear eye protection or ear protection. Let's briefly consider just some of the many things he did wrong. He didn't keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. He didn't check to see this was a loaded gun. He didn't follow basic safety rules about using a firearm for something other than its intended purpose.

Basically, this accidental discharge was the result of extremely poor thinking on this guy's part. Some things just require common sense, which this guy apparently has none.

So, do you think that was an air rifle or a small-caliber firearm? The video's description says it was a shotgun. Let's hope that was bird shot if that's the case. Because this kind of thing could easily lead to a serious injury or even death. This video also has us wondering about the safety device on this gun. It should probably be looked at by a gunsmith as an additional safety precaution.

Always practice firearms safety!



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Guy Tries to Whack a Fish With a Loaded Firearm, Inevitably Shoots Himself