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Hornets vs. Man: When Flame Throwers Make a Difference

Well, here’s something you don’t get to see every day.

This mohawked man is well-armed for his fight with a hornet nest.

Watch this video and see this flame thrower armed man burn out a suburban hornet nest high in a front yard tree.

Well, a suburban hornet hive high up in a tree thought it was safe, and it was until this well armed man was called in.

Sporting a mohawk and armed with a flame thrower, this pest control guy is ready for action. The hornet nest is located high in a tree in a suburban front yard. He torches that nest with sustained fire. He then turns his attention to the flying nest orphans flying above him. These hornets have been burned to a crisp.

So next time you have hornets, put the environmentally-unfriendly insect killer down. Grab a flame thrower instead.



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Hornets vs. Man: When Flame Throwers Make a Difference