Filson's New Video "Above Alaska" is Awe-Inspiring

Filson debuted a new short highlighting the role bush pilots play in the Alaskan wilderness.

If you've ever had the pleasure of visiting the wild parts of Alaska, you know full well why it's referred to as the "Last Frontier."

No organization knows this better than C.C. Filson Co., the company that got its start in Seattle back in 1897, helping outfit gold prospectors preparing for their voyage to Alaska. They've expanded into a plethora of other outdoor gear and workwear since, but have never forgotten the roots from which they grew. Their tin cloth apparel is rugged and warm, and they still make some of the best flannel known in the outdoor space.

In their latest well-shot and expertly-edited video from their YouTube channel features a close up look at some of the purest forms of American wilderness experts: the Alaskan bush pilots who make their living there.

Check out the new Filson short, "Above Alaska: Bush Pilots oof the Last Frontier" and just try not to be envious of the everyday "office" these people work in.

"There's a whole other world that's there, that you never knew existed."

Ain't that the truth. It's not all beauty and awe, as there are real circumstances that come along with flying a float plane in this kind of territory. To fly in to some of these places is no easy task, and unlike anything else in North America.

It's no wonder the folks who work in the Alaska aviation niche are some of the most hardcore, legitimately heroic people in the world. Filson knows that, and shows them the respect they deserve in this unrelentingly emotional short.