Filson Debuts New Outdoor Gear

Feast your eyes on the newest from Filson, a company that's been around longer than you probably even knew.

Filson has been producing outerwear and gear that outdoorsmen and women have grown to appreciate as some of the best in the business. It's no surprise, seeing as the company's been around since the Gold Rush years, starting out in 1897 and perfecting their gear ever since.

Established by C.C. Filson in Seattle, Washington to outfit gold rushers headed for Alaska, the brand has since branched out into homewares and garden gear, luggage made out of rugged twill, and even dog supplies. Their men's and women's tin cloth jackets rank high in durability and style.

A lot has changed since that first Filson store was opened, especially in the outdoor clothing arena. Sure, maybe computer bags sell just as well as field bags, but most Filson customers rely on Filson products because they've been of the highest quality all this time.

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They're in on the secret, and it's about time you are, too.

We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at some brand new Filson gear at SHOT Show 2019, and wanted to pass on the info to you.

Here are a few of the new offerings we checked out, which will all be available before the end of the year.

Skagit Waterfowl Jacket


Now waterfowlers have a fully waterproof, breathable, and insulated hunting jacket available in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass or Bottomland, with much of the same features in the original Skagit. The jacket fits nicely and was super comfortable; we could definitely envision spending a cold morning waiting on ducks while wearing it, and staying reasonably warm until the day heated up.

The Skagit Waterfowl Jacket has YKK Aquaguard zippers and a fully taped shell that maxes out on waterproof protection. It includes DWR treated nylon with a waterproof membrane as well as polyester fleece, polyester mesh, and neoprene to round it out. The price tag rings in at $350.

Camo Shotgun Dry Bag


Anyone who drags their hunting gear into the great outdoors knows a waterproof gun case is among the best investments they can make. This one's covered in Mossy Oak Shadow Grass and has a removable padded insert.

It features a 900D polyester clear TPU plus 600d polyester foam and fleece lining, as well as a nylon webbing. In other words, it's well protected. The Shotgun Dry Bag is $225, but well worth it to know you're keeping your firearm clean and dry.

Sherpa Fleece

This Sherpa Fleece Jacket looked like the sort of thing that would keep you warm even in a Polar Vortex. The insulating full-zip jacket is constructed with high-pile Sherpa fleece and reinforced forearms.

The look and style helps harken back to Filson's early days, and if you're the type who appreciates the "Old School Cool" factor, this is a jacket you'll like.

Camo Sportsman and Backpack Dry Bags

These two were catered to waterfowl hunters, with their choices of Bottomland or Shadow Grass camo, but the real draw is the submersible, completely waterproof design.

They're on the high end of the price scale ($375 for the blind bag, and $350 for the backpack), but they appeared to be the last bag of its kind you'd ever need to buy. Massive water protection, easy transportability, and just enough storage room adds up to an ideal dry bag.

Hailing from the Northwest, Filson (and the experts who work there) knows what a wet, cold hunting session can be like. Put faith in their gear, because it's constructed to hold up to just about anything.

All of these new products mirror the thought and care that's put into all of Filson's offerings; they're made for those who count themselves among the community of outdoor enthusiasts.

Whether it's something that came from their Seattle factory generations ago, or something bought in one of their modern retail stores across the United States, you can rest assured Filson put in the work.