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Yep, That’s a Seeing Eye Turkey

seeing eye turkey

Remember this prank? Some guy with a turkey that he says is his seeing eye service animal just took over the local Kroger.

From the “we’ve seen it all now” department, here comes a guy with a service animal that has spurs and a beard!

Funny man Tom Mabe is at it again, and this time his prank takes on customers in places like Kroger and Walmart.

If you haven’t seen this one yet you’re in for a treat as Mabe, with his dark glasses on and his ‘seeing eye turkey’ get some nice folks to buy in!

Here’s the video:

When did our favorite spring game bird end up on a leash?

Honestly it’s all in fun, especially when some wonderful, nice folks with good intentions turn up to make us all smile!

What’s next, some guys in Hazmat suits getting trespassing fishermen to take off their clothes? Yeah, you can see that right here.


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Yep, That’s a Seeing Eye Turkey