Fill a Hole Catch a Lizard the Old Fashioned Way

Watch how indigenous peoples of the world hunt lizards for their lunch. Have you ever seen the drown and grab method before?

We adhere to the old saying "groceries don't come from the grocery store," and after watching this video, you'll be reminded why.

Ages old methods like shown here are the part and parcel of how indigenous human beings learned to conquer their surroundings and found ways to live off of the land.

Here's the video:

These are probably some kind of spiny-tailed lizards that dwell in Africa and parts of Asia. While considered a delicacy in some areas of the Arabian peninsula, they are also part of the ever popular pet trade.

Before you make a face at this method there's no doubt that if cheeseburgers would pop out of a hole like this, we'd all be pushing the hose in the ground out back.