Fox Chickens
Facebook Screenshot: The Rebel Homesteader

Porch Security Cam Catches Naked Lady's Mad Scramble to Chase Fox Away From Chickens

When a fox has your chicken, you don't have time to dress.

At first glance of this video, you will be thinking that some critter wants to play with a group of backyard chickens. But that will quickly turn to horror for any of you that raise poultry for a living.

You may then notice that the footage shows a young pup sitting at the window gazing outward as if there is nothing that can spoil his beautiful day, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

When you here someone suddenly start screaming "NO, NO, NO..." from in the house, you'll realize that the critter isn't there to play, but get a free lunch. And then you'll realize that a woman with a yard full of  her pet chickens has more important problems than what to wear... 

Here's the hilarious, covered up video:

This "passionate chicken owner" didn't care for one darn minute that her backyard video camera was filming all of the action, in fact, she probably found out later when she checked the video, and man are we glad that she didn't mind sharing the Benny Hill-style chase scene!

Kudos to her for saving the bird's life, but what about that poor little doggy? He just about turned inside-out trying to figure what all the commotion was for. We're wondering where he sits in the pecking order...

Guess he'll need a nice long nap to figure it all out.

And where is the chicken coop or hen house in this situation? If the birds were behind closed doors or an electric fence and not quite so free range in this moment, they would have been better off.

Keeping chickens seems like a bit more hassle than some of us are willing to have.

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