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Young Buck Tries to Make It With Decoy, Ends Up Knocking Its Head Off

Facebook/Nose Down Scents

Here's what happens when a young buck tries to mount a decoy in someone's backyard.

This isn't the first time that we've seen a younger buck, or any buck for that matter, try to mate with a plastic deer decoy. There can be no doubt as to the effectiveness of such a decoy, and this is just another example.

The full-on rut in the fall of any deer producing state is one of the greatest reasons why deer, sometimes big deer, get taken. Usually, a mature buck is a hard-to-get prospect considering that they've lived long enough to defeat the best laid plans of the human's hunting them.

It's just that if you and I only had one chance a year to mate, we'd probably act the same way! Here's what happens to a youngster that doesn't have much experience.

Big thanks to Nose Down Scents for sharing a video that was sent to them by pro staffers Rostin and Lana Bergan of Bergan Bottoms, Illinois.

Having a full-size decoy in the field with your during the open deer season is obviously worth a try. Certainly, check your local regulations before adding this kind of lifelike decoy to your "spread" in the deer woods, especially since it could be mistaken for a live deer during your open firearms season.

Deer are a mystery sometimes as to whether they will succumb to our calls, decoys, or scents, but there are times when they seem to fall for anything on four-legs!

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Young Buck Tries to Make It With Decoy, Ends Up Knocking Its Head Off