Guy With a Saw Saves 2 Locked Up Bucks From Near-Certain Drowning

A limb saw, an extremely brave man, and some patience saved these two locked up bucks from a certain death by drowning.

This isn't the first time that we've seen a pair of rival bucks get locked together by the antlers, and it won't be the last. The one difference here is that both of these mature whitetails are alive and kicking.

So many times we've seen that one of the two fighters has already succumbed to death, with the other not far behind. For whatever reason, they always seem to end up in the water, and when you're stuck together at the head, it seems almost certainly to end badly.

Enter one brave outdoorsman with a gas-powered limb saw to try and save the both of them, while trying to keep himself safe from those formidable antlers. Here's what you can do in a pair of waders with some intestinal fortitude.

Facebook user Lisa Posthumous Lyons, who apparently took the video, said, "A thousand amusement parks couldn't provide the thrill and experience compared to what I witnessed in Alto, Michigan last week! Many have already seen some of the video I took, but I decided to share all my footage here so even more people could share in the incredible rescue of two of the nicest bucks I've ever seen."

The things you see while deer hunting during the rut for whitetail bucks

These two mature bucks, as they tend to do during this part of deer season, got in a bit of a wrestling match. Their locked antlers pose a serious threat, and if something wasn't done, the situation would have ended in two dead deer.

It seems that the five Michigan deer hunters had found these two bucks in a field on dry land and used some rope to try and wrangle them. But they ultimately found their way through the woods and into a nearby creek.

Whatever the case it was a great rescue, and big thanks go out to these folks for a nice gesture.

Please remember that wild deer—especially rutting bucks—can be very dangerous. It is very possible that those antlers could inflict a very serious wound and hurt someone.

Be careful out there!

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