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How Did This Buck End Up Stuck to a Tree?

Did the hunter shoot this stuck buck and then watch it slam into the tree, or was it stuck when he shot it?

Here's a good conversation starter, and one that'll send the opinion meter through the roof. In this video, a hunter walks up to his freshly shot buck that's stuck to a sizable tree.

You can see the tine marks ripped into the bark, the blood stain from its mouth and the obvious sign of a very well placed heart-shot.

Check out the video and decide for yourself:


Big Buck Dies in Strange Position!!!

Have you ever seen a Buck die like this? This buck was shot then ran into this big tree!!!Sent in by Huntin Grounds Viewer Sandro R.

Posted by The Huntin Grounds on Thursday, November 16, 2017

We're all looking at the same details, but it's interesting to see how everyone individually interprets them.

First, could those tines marks on the tree have come from one collision? It's obvious the buck bled a lot right there, as we see blood on the ground by the animal's left side and on the tree.

If he was stuck to that tree, it wouldn't have been for long, since the ground is hardly dug up at all. There should have been a massive dirt spot there from the struggle, but maybe the deer hadn't been there long.

Do big bucks like to rub big trees? Absolutely! Do they get stuck on trees? You bet they do!

Would you plug a nice 9-pointer that was stuck like this? Was that what happened in this case?


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How Did This Buck End Up Stuck to a Tree?