GRAPHIC: What Do You Think About This Bloody Arrow Shoulder Mount?

This short video of a beautifully done shoulder mount complete with a bloody arrow will cause a lot of conversation.

There is no middle ground here; you will either love this or hate it.

First of all, taxidermy is an art form, and art is there to be judged. While there are examples out there of bad work by amateur taxidermists, this one has some of everything: a base with a shed antler, tree stump pedestal, and the complete head and shoulder of a 8-point buck.

The artist also included a bloody arrow sticking out of the shoulder at his customer's request.

WARNING: This video is graphic and may be disturbing to some:

Personally, I think this is a dynamite mount that is truly realistic. But I don't know if I'd want to look at blood for the rest of my life.

Art is subjective, and if you don't think this is art, just try it yourself. I'm not saying a panel of his peers would give it all the awards at the state fair, but until you can make something look this realistic, you can't critique but so much. 

This is a beautiful piece of work. Now you just have to ask yourself if you would want it.