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10 of the Greatest Taxidermy Jobs Ever

Here's some great inspiration for your next mount.

We've seen the worst of the worst when it comes to botched taxidermy jobs, but not all of them go so awry. Many come out looking exactly like the animal would appear in the wild, whether that's swimming along silently or fiercely attacking it's prey. Here are 10 of the coolest taxidermy jobs that show the other side of the spectrum.

Scroll on to see some unique, complex, and gravity-defying taxidermy mounts. 


Guns and Ammo Forum

Starting off fairly simple, this redhead mount would be a pretty cool addition to your collection. With one duck sitting calmly on top of the "water," and the other paddling away beneath the surface, it's neat to see a different sort of action shot of game "in the wild." It may not be a completely insane mount, but it's certainly not something you see every day when it comes to mounting ducks.


Archosaur Musings

Another creature you don't typically see mounted in the "swim" position is an alligator or crocodile, and this impressive croc mount is one for the books. The motion of this mount really takes you down into the murky depths where these ancient beasts are as agile and quick as leopards chasing their prey.


Alden's Taxidermy

Speaking of leopards, this leopard duo is somehow tranquil and intimidating at the same time. You don't typically see leopards in a passive state, but rather sprinting at full speed towards their prey. I can't tell if these two are sitting satisfied after their last meal, or are cunningly planning it.

Black Bear

Real Log Homes

Imagine walking into a spacious log cabin set in the middle of the Great Smoky Mountains, prime black bear country surrounding you on all sides, and you look up to find this guy staring down at you? Maybe I just startle easily, but if I didn't know he was there before I walked in, I'd definitely have a second or two of panic before logic set in - it's just a black bear doing his thing, climbing up a tree like black bears do.


Stoney Hills

What else would you least expect to find looming above someone's fireplace? How about a full-size trophy buck, back legs still airborne, balancing precariously on a small pedestal resembling the ground next to the fence he's apparently just cleared. How did they even hang this guy up there?

Lions and Oryx

Aldean's Taxidermy

Whereas the zebra might have gotten away, it doesn't appear that this oryx will have that opportunity. It's pretty incredible how the taxidermist was able to capture the speed of the second lion still in a full run, trying to catch up to his pal and help with the takedown. While a mount like this does require quite a bit of space, it's worth it to capture a snapshot of this magnitude.

Lion and Zebra

Splitting Image Taxidermy

Looking for even more movement in your mounts? This "action shot" of a lion and a zebra seconds away from a fight to the death (or serious injury, at the very least) is the epitome of movement. You can almost feel the power and intensity behind these two animals, locked forever in a life-and-death grip. Who's to say the zebra won't buck and bite his way out of this fight?

Bass and Bluegill

Pro Fish Art

I had to throw in at least one fish mount, and this largemouth bass chasing three bluegill hanging from a wall is spot on. It's difficult to tell if the bluegill are swimming for their little lives, or if they're completely unsuspecting of the snack they're about to become. I think I hear my fishing rod and the pond calling my name...


Avians Design Taxidermy

Not all mounts have to be predator vs. prey. Enter: the ever-dominate turkey. We often see a solo turkey mounted in attack mode, but this duo brings more life to the reality of those attacks. And this smaller bird definitely looks like he's about to get his rear handed to him.

Buck and Fox Setup

Archery Talk

Admittedly, this isn't one complex taxidermy job with four different animals, but the setup of these is just fantastic. Two bucks sparring and a fox trotting happily away with his catch, and you've got a pretty cool window into more than one woodland wildlife scenario.


10 of the Greatest Taxidermy Jobs Ever