Gear Review: Trio of New Gerber Folding Knives Continues Their Dedication to Quality

These three new Gerber folding knives left us well equipped and significantly impressed.

Each year, knife companies do their best to release eye-catching, feature rich, super effective blades, but it seems like few do it as reliably or consistently as Gerber Gear. Their collection of knives, multi-tools, and other cutting implements never ceases to impress.

We got to test out three of the newest Gerber Gear knives from the trusted brand, and have come away with a new appreciation for the advancements and innovations they're continually rolling out.

Best of all, the knives were highlighted during a unique virtual media event put on by Gerber Gear and their stellar public relations agency Backbone Media. Gerber's experts were on hand to divulge all the nitty gritty details about the design process and finished products, and it was followed by a whiskey tasting session with Tin Cup Whiskey and founder Jess Graber.

There may be no better way to finish up a knife presentation than kindly asking everyone to put the blades away so they can safely taste test some fine American whiskey.

Getting back to the knives, the three I've had a chance to spend some time with all share the same ingenuity and attention to detail, but represent the different styles and advantages that Gerber has capitalized on.

They're the Zilch, the Affinity, and the Fuse, and each clip folding knife would immediately find a home in your pocket or pack.


With one of the more lightweight designs I've ever seen in a folding knife, the Gerber Gear Zilch is only 2.2 ounces and a pleasure to carry. It has a slim footprint, but performs like it's bigger and bulkier than it really is.

Oh, and there's a nice, big lanyard hole in case you're like me and you want a little more security tied to such a light knife.

The unique spine design will catch you by surprise, and the knife is able to be deployed with the thumb stud or nail nick. It has exposed barrels and the crisscrossed design on the handle adds some grippy texture to hold on to. The Zilch is 7.2 inches long overall, with a 3.1-inch 7Cr17Mov blade length. It comes in Black, Drab Red, and Coyote Brown and sells for $21.


You'd be hard-pressed to find a folding knife on today's market that's got as much style and sophistication as the Gerber Gear Affinity, a stunning EDC pocket knife with simple ergonomics and barrel construction. The thumb stud is adjustable, meaning it can be tweaked to fit just about any hand size for super easy deployment.

Gerber claims this folding knife was made for three-piece suits and double windsor knots, and even though I can't remember the last time I dressed up that nice, they make a good point.

There's a Gerber-exclusive Pinch Plate designed to prevent overtravel of the frame lock bar, and it also serves as a place for knife owners to put their fingers during deployment and avoid impeding the detent function.

Overall the knife is 8.4 inches and the 7Cr17Mov steel blade is 3.7 inches. There are two versions of the Affinity, one in Grey/Aluminum ($37) and one in an attention-grabbing Copper ($50).


Perhaps my favorite of the bunch, the Gerber Gear Fuse flipper is a ready-to-work 7Cr17Mov blade knife that has a high-resolution electro-formed stainless steel grip section and a lightweight glass-filled nylon insert for added appeal.

The exposed liner lock is simple to find, and the jimping adds to the ease of accessibility. With that combo, it's almost like you could deploy this thing safely in the dark (though we, and almost certainly Gerber, would never suggest that).

The Fuse comes in Flat Sage and Black, and will cost $32.

Best of all, each and every Gerber product is designed and engineered in the USA, specifically in their Portland, Oregon facilities. Every knife is backed by a Lifetime Warranty, and is built to the high-reaching standards the brand has put on themselves and their products.

Each of these knives should be available from Gerber Gear as 2021 progresses, and more information can be found on