Gerber Adds New Saltwater Tools to Fishing Collection

A knife is every angler's best friend, so Gerber is expanding its fishing lineup.

Gerber has owned its place as one of the biggest names in the knife industry, which is largely a result of its diverse selection.

Not only does it create activity-specific knives, but also multi-tools and problem-solving gear. Gerber become a household name in the hunting and fishing industry, as it supplies sportsmen and women with a variety of different tools for different jobs. And, it's still expanding its product lineup.

At the 2018 iCast Trade Show in Orland, Florida, the proclaimed knife maker unveiled a new salter-specific collection, set to hit the shelves this spring.

The idea behind these tools was to offer saltwater fishermen a variety of tools that could withstand the toughest elements of a day on saltwater. They're designed to ideally fit the hand, while also fighting against harsh saltwater environments with the Salt Rx corrosion resistance technology.

The saltwater lineup includes the five following products:


Gerber saltwater tools

The concept behind the Magniplier design was to offer a set of pliers that can do it all. Not only do these 7.5-inch pliers feature sturdy jaws, but also exchangeable tips with outboard fasteners. They also come with carbide cutters, which are exchangeable and reversible, as well as a plunge lock.

They also employ Gerber's "Bearhand Control" system, which uses a finger choil and an angled shape to better fit the hand. The grip system also claims to have the perfect amount of space between the handle to get the most possible force out of the pliars.

These pliers are marked at $84.99.


Gerber saltwater tools

The Controller is Gerber's corrosion-resistant saltwater fillet knife. Like the Magniplier, it has a very ergonomic grip, which Gerber calls the "HydroTread Grip." It uses traction all over the handle to keep the knife from slipping through wet hands. It too sports a finger choil for a tight grip.

It uses a fine-edge mirror polish blade, which is flexible to offer better performance.

This knife comes in 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch options, each of which include a sheath system with a built-in sharpener.

The Controller's MSRP prices are currently $44.99, $49.99 and $54.99, depending on what what size blade you go with.

Neat Freak

Gerber saltwater tools

Any serious saltwater fisherman knows the importance of a good pair of line cutters when you're on the open sea. These right here offer multi-purpose features, like a bottle opener and a split shot crimper, to go along with their micro-serrated blades that can handle tough, braided lines.

They also feature Gerber's Bearhand Control system, helping you get a solid grip when control is important.

The Neat Freak scissors' current MSRP is set at $24.99.


Gerber saltwater tools

As important as line cutters are shears. The Processor shears is designed to do it all when it comes time to clean some fish. For starters, they use the HydroTread Grip to help you keep a grip when your hands get wet and bloody.

They feature cutting shears, a gut hook, a scaler, a fin clipper and a knife blade. They also use the Take-a-Part system, which makes them especially easy to clean.

The Processor shears come with a sheath, too.

These shears are currently priced at $44.99.


Gerber saltwater tools

Crossriver is a fixed-blade knife that also uses the HydroTread Grip to a strong grip in wet conditions. The Crossriver features a mirror polish blade with a fine edge and flat-top serrations.

It also sports an ambidextrous trigger lock and a blunt safety tip, which help eliminate accidents.

The Crossriver comes with a sheath at an MSRP of $39.99.