Mule Deer Hunt
YouTube: Sheep Mountain Outfitters

Oregon Hunter Bags Monster 200-inch Velvet Mule Deer with Drop Tine

This mule deer is the stuff dreams are made of.

When it comes to big mule deer, most people tend to think of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona or Idaho first. However, this just allows Oregon to fly under the radar a bit as a sleeper state for true giants. And believe it or not, many of these bucks can be harvested on public land with a little hard work and determination.

In this hunt with Sheep Mountain Outfitters, guides Todd Longgood, Scott Coe, and Austin Folkman have been watching a special buck. A true giant with a large drop tine jutting off one side. They have finally narrowed down the buck's stomping grounds just in time for hunter Vince Bloom to get a crack at him.

On opening morning, they spot the buck lounging in the shade and successfully pull off a nice stalk on the mule deer of a lifetime.

What an awesome buck! These guys did an excellent job of sneaking up on this king of the mountain and surprising him in his bedroom. That buck never knew what was coming. This video underscores how thorough scouting of your area before the hunt can pay big dividends once the season begins. Although the hunters also had to think quick on their toes to adjust things after noticing other hunters in the area.

It was fascinating to hear the other hunter's history with this big buck after the fact too. No matter how remote the area, if there's a big buck in the area, odds are someone knows about it. The other hunters were clearly disappointed, but still congratulated Bloom on his great deer. We enjoy seeing that kind of good sportsmanship on our public lands.

This video just goes to show that just because your only hunting area is public land, that does not mean you can't harvest a truly giant buck. Congrats to Bloom on his mule deer of a lifetime from all of us here at Wide Open Spaces!

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