Mule Deer
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Arizona Mule Deer Battle Ends Up Being a Fight to the Death

This rare footage captures a mule deer killing other buck during the rut in Arizona.

During the rut, deer can become extremely territorial, and in some cases, violent. This rare footage from northern Arizona shows an older, dominant buck battling with another mule deer. In this case, it appears a younger buck has started a fight he isn't able to finish.

Bucks can generate lethal force with their strength and antlers. This video showcases the power and aggressive behavior they might demonstrate in certain situations.

Watch the video below, but we must warn you that this one is more graphic than most. This battle ends up being quite literally, a fight to the death. And the older buck shows absolutely no mercy when it comes to obliterating his opponent.

Mother Nature can certainly be brutal, and it's videos like these that remind us how unforgiving the wild can be. These deer had absolutely no qualms over killing one another over territory and breeding rights. In this case it was survival of the fittest and it appears the older and wiser buck came out on top of this battle. This is the way nature is and always will be. Nature's perfect design will ensure he doesn't go to waste. We're sure the scavengers like coyotes, bears and some birds had a field day after this war.

Rutting mule deer can be extremely violent and will go to to great lengths to establish their presence in a certain area.

If there is one positive takeaway from this it is that only one of the deer died. There have been instances of fights in the past that ended up with both combatants dead or injured to the point where they died soon afterwards. Others have ended with both bucks dying a slow painful death after getting their antlers locked together.