infamous Garand thumb

Hickok45 Shows You How Not to Get The Infamous Garand Thumb

The infamous "Garand thumb" is a great way to mess up your shooting trip.

Have no fear, though. Hickok45 is here to show you how to avoid this painful predicament.

Watch the video below:

Get your finger stuck in an M1 Garand Rifle is a good way to get laughed at while shooting at your local gun range.

The great M1 Garand Rifle has a nasty reputation of biting shooters who put their thumbs in the wrong spot at the wrong time. When pushing the en bloc clip into the magazine, your thumb is in the way of the bolt that's under spring pressure. So you can be certain it'll sting a little bit.

Hickok45 shows us the correct way to load an M1 Garand Rifle. Use your head and heed his warning. Your thumb will thank you!

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