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Hickok45 Shows us How NOT to Shoot a .50 BMG Rifle

how not to shoot a .50 bmg rifle

Is there a wrong way to shoot a .50 BMG Rifle, you ask?

Well, there certainly is, as Hickok45 demonstrates in this video.

The mighty .50 BMG caliber rifles have become extremely popular with many over the last decade, shooting large diameter bullets at high velocity for an extra smack to those targets way out there.

Is there a downside to the .50 BMG cartridge? With power comes recoil. Many of these rifles have muzzle brakes that allow gasses to vent out the end of the barrel. This allows the recoil to be somewhat lessened. The problem is the danger to anyone who is directly next to the shooter as this video from Hickok45 proves.

If you are shooting a .50 BMG rifle or are around someone else shooting one make sure everyone is clear from the blast zone. That certainly would hurt. Special thanks to Hickok45 for making this gun safety video that might just save someone from injury.


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Hickok45 Shows us How NOT to Shoot a .50 BMG Rifle