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The Mighty .50 BMG vs. Bulletproof Glass

.50 BMG VS. Bulletproof Glass

Is the .50 BMG cartridge just too much when firing at bulletproof glass?

Well FullMag is ready to fire the big boys in this epic test. Witness FullMag fire a .50 BMG rifle at bulletproof glass.

Bulletproof glass is pretty good at shedding pistol bullets and even shotgun slugs, right? Well, why not step up the game and see truly how tough bulletproof glass really is?

FullMag first tried firing a 9mm pistol at this small bulletproof glass window. Its impact and effect on this tough barrier is pathetic. Well, drag that big ole .50 BMG rifle and put a huge Hornady bullet right where it counts. Does the mighty .50 BMG penetrate this bulletproof glass? You just might be amazed by the shocking results.

Bulletproof materials have come a long way over the last decade, as this video courtesy of FullMag demonstrates. We are certainly impressed.


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The Mighty .50 BMG vs. Bulletproof Glass