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Candy Corn Moonshine Recipe with Rum and Everclear

Yes! Candy Corn Moonshine is a real thing! 

Some people like to think the best part of the Halloween season just might be candy corn. Me? Well, I could take it or leave it, I suppose. Those orange, yellow, and white Halloween treats just aren't that tasty on their own.

However, mix some of that candy corn with some high proof liquor, and now we are talking about something we can all get behind, and perhaps one of the few candy corn cocktails that actually tastes good!

Luckily, this candy corn moonshine recipe is very easy to make. Actually, it's one of the easiest moonshine recipes you are going to find.

To set the record straight right now, this is not your typical DIY moonshine. Full disclaimer: it's just high grain alcohol that gives the appearance (and most of the effects) of real moonshine. It's not the real thing. If you're looking to do that, more power to you, but we can't help.

Back to the point though, this is a candy corn moonshine infusion cocktail recipe. The candy corn just sort of dissolves and flavors the liquor to a sweeter, more drinkable taste.

Good luck. This Halloween candy moonshine is incredibly powerful stuff!

Candy Corn Moonshine


To get this recipe started, simply place several handfuls of candy corn in the bottom of a large mason jar. I use four handfuls for this recipe. If you want your finished product a little more sweet, use more. Next, fill about half the jar with spiced rum. Fill the other half with Everclear.

candy corn moonshine

Now, put the lid on and shake the hell out of it. The more you shake it, the more the candy corn will break down. Let the jar sit overnight and by the next morning, you should be in business.

There isn't an advanced tutorial needed, but the total time it takes involves some patience. It'll give you a chance to revisit some of our other moonshine recipes from previous posts.

After the candies are dissolved, use a filter or strainer and try to get out as much sediment as you can. From here, pour your candy corn moonshine into smaller jars for easier transport.

candy corn moonshine

Again, be careful with this stuff. There is no dilution of the liquor and it is very strong. Use more rum if you want less alcohol.

Use more Everclear if you want to wake up in the middle of a cornfield. Switch out the Everclear altogether with vodka if you want this to taste just like candy corn and not have the powerful Everclear aftertaste. You could top it with a little whipped cream and candy corn garnish, but only if you're in a fancy mood. It can be enjoyed straight out of the mason jar, too!

It's totally customizable to what you want! This Halloween cocktail should make the cut for your next Halloween party, because as far as drink recipes go, it's easy as pie!

Please enjoy responsibly!